fear of being sober

You should embrace the possibility of again being able to feel strong emotions like love, joy, pride in yourself, hope for the future, and belief in your inner goodness. It has probably been such a long time since you did that you are afraid you are not capable of it. In fact, one of the many benefits of being clean and sober in recovery is that you are able to both feel and express your emotions. If you are afraid of being sober, the first step in overcoming that fear is stepping outside of your comfort zone and doing something that you don’t necessarily want to do.

  • Well, there’s a concept in psychology known as “confirmation bias,” and it means that we often look for evidence to support something that we already believe to be true.
  • At the same time, come to grips with the fact that this is the reality you are living with and there’s no way to turn back the clock.
  • In treatment, you will have individual and group counseling and learn that you are not alone in your struggle.

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Finally, after living apart for six months, Donal is moving over with the animals and we will be settling in the Cotswalds for the summer. I had another friend there who really believed in me, who took his own life. After that, my mother suffered a stroke that left her paralysed on one side and in a nursing home. I met an amazing man, Peter, who is still a very good friend.

  • I was the life of the party (for the first time).
  • Still, neither his colleagues nor his friends said they were aware of any violent tendencies — or what was unfolding at his home.
  • While the overall alcohol use consumption among Gen Z has declined, Scioli noted that the rate of young people in need of serious intervention remains steadfast.
  • Working with a population of individuals who are incarcerated, I have seen on several occasions in which depression and anxiety played a key role in causing the individual to relapse.
  • Comfort yourself with the knowledge that whatever pain you will feel in treatment is only temporary.

Signs It’s Time to Seek Addiction Treatment

Thankfully, things don’t usually turn out that way. There are many ways to create new friendships without drugs and alcohol. This can include meeting people in support groups, adopting new hobbies, going to classes that interest you and pursuing a new career path. Alternatively, you may think following a healthy lifestyle will be too challenging. The prospect of changing your habits completely can, indeed, seem quite daunting.

You’re Afraid of Not Being Able to Handle Life Without Drugs or Alcohol.

fear of being sober

A therapist specializing in addiction recovery can offer personalized advice and coping strategies. Participating in regular sessions can help you maintain focus on recovery and address any emerging issues before they become significant obstacles. Knowing in advance how to decline alcoholic drinks or drug use in social situations can make it easier to stick to your sobriety.

Prepare responses in advance to ease social pressure

These must be individuals who cannot be easily manipulated into allowing you to give into your urges and your cravings. When my daughter died from Suicide in 2018, I had to rely on a lot of individual that I could trust to be there fear of being sober for me and to not leave me to my own desires and devices. I will tell you that the depression that I felt that day was strong enough that I would have gave into my depression along with the urges and the cravings for alcohol.

  • When you take that away, even when you know it is for the best, you are opening the door to all types of risks.
  • Furthermore, alcohol abuse among both Gen Z groups decreased by around 50%.
  • It was my jumping-off point into a life I knew I had buried inside of me.
  • Be glad you’ve cleared the field, so you can focus on getting your wants met in the relationship.
  • Today, I only have one fear and it’s a very healthy one.

Fears About Sobriety That Will Sabotage Your Recovery

fear of being sober

fear of being sober

What are Some of the Most Common Recovery Fears?